Experience the warmth of our nomadic heritage

Journey with authentic nomads, learn about our way of life, savour traditional cuisine and sleep in Berber tents under the stars

Immerse yourself in the mystery of the desert

Welcome to our cherished Sahara adventure, where we sweep you away to the heart of our time-honoured land. Our trips are designed to cater to every traveler’s unique needs and desires. Whether you prefer the thrill of camel riding or trekking by foot through the desert, we have the perfect itinerary for you.

Experience living just like the nomads of old. Imagine the serenity of the endless sand dunes, the breathtaking sunsets, and the starry skies that spread across the horizon leaving you awe-struck.

Unique experiences

Sit back, relax and drink many glasses of strong moroccan tea. Nothing is rushed in the desert.

Make berber bread.

Learn to bake bread in the hot sand under the coals of the campfire.

Trek on camels.

Set forth across the dunes riding on the back of a magnificent camel.

Discover unique wildlife.

The huge sand dunes of the Sahara hold rare species such as the Fennec Fox.

Join us on a journey through time

Let our expert guides lead you on a journey of self-discovery, embrace the magic of the Sahara, and experience the trip of a lifetime

What Our Guests Say

We take pride in creating authentic, unique experiences for our guests. Read what they say.

We joined Omar for a six day trek with my husband and our 11 year old son. He was an endless fount of knowledge, finding fossils, meteorite pieces, ostrich egg shells and countless other fascinating insights to share with us. The food was exquisite and we felt deeply relaxed and nourished by the trip. It was the journey of a lifetime for all three of us.

– Zoe Holden

Myself and 5 friends joined Omar for a 4 day adventure. We were totally blown away by the experience of being in the desert and we felt really well taken care of. It was a friendly atmosphere and it felt like being part of Omar’s family. We can’t want to go again!

– Julie Robinson

“We cherished every moment of our five-day adventure in the Sahara with Omar.
Omar was not just a guide, but a friend who led us through the desert with a warm, playful vibe. He shared his knowledge of the local plants and animals and cooked up the most mouthwatering meals over the campfire.
Nights were a blast with Omar around! He entertained us with his singing, strummed the guitar like a pro, and even wowed us with some magic tricks.
Omar made sure every moment of our trip was unforgettable.
Thank you, Omar, for creating memories that will last a lifetime.”

– Evan, Jo and Bea xxx

Omar is a good organiser, fabulous with children and is enormously respected by his team mates. He has organised 4 Sahara Desert trips for me in the last 10 years. Groups have varied from 10-25 people, with a mixture of children and adults of varying nationalities. In each one he organised for us to be picked up from Marrakech airport and driven down to Zagora to then take 4x4s into the desert to meet our camels and begin the trek. There his team took great care of us, leading us through the desert stopping to show us animals and interesting vegetation. We were given delicious food 3 times a day, with glasses of fresh mint tea wating for us at the end of the treks. His team skilfully put the tents up for us and worked harmoniously together. Omar is an amazing leader and wonderful educator, full of interesting information about the desert which is enhanced by his superb storytelling. He speaks fluent French and good English and is as warm-hearted and as generous a person as you are likely to meet in the whole of your stay in Morocco.

– Anil Sarna

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